Someone Buy Me a Box of Ice To Cool Down

Bitching is not good for health, but holding it in is even worse. So I absolutely need to rant now. If anyone's feeling depressed today, please find comfort in the fact that there is someone who is having it worse.

27 Sept
I received an SMS from UOB telling me that my application for a credit card had been approved even though I did not apply for a credit card. I knew that it was not a scam because the SMS was sent into the same message thread that I usually receive messages regarding my bank account. That the bank's real telephone number was texting me about a credit card I did not apply for probably meant some misunderstanding involved, so I called UOB Customer Service hotline regarding the SMS. The customer service officer promised to look into it.

30 Sept
I received a call from UOB telling me that there had been a duplicate number in their system, and they had to confirm who exactly owned this number. So I went through all the procedures of checking my name and IC number just to prove my phone number belonged to me. Then the guy said that he would get the other party, henceforth known as the Idiot who does not know their own phone number, to update their real phone number, and it would take around three working days for the system to be updated, and asked that I be patient in the event that I receive any other SMS in the meantime.

5 Oct
Three working days should be up by now, but I received yet another three SMSes to inform me that three different credit cards have been mailed to me, and for me to activate them. After I went through all that trouble to confirm that my phone number belonged to me, UOB still did not know that my phone number is not the Idiot's phone number? So I called in to UOB's Customer Service hotline asking for an explanation on why I continue to receive such SMSes. The service officer said that UOB had alr emailed the Idiot to update their phone number, but there was no response, and the bank could not leave the phone number field blank and so continued to leave my phone number in that account. If the system did not allow for the phone number to be a blank, could they not just put in a non-number like +65-00000000? Because I cannot, and do not want to, be held responsible for someone else's credit card, and especially not someone else's credit card bills if they decided not to pay up, I kindly informed the officer on the line that I would go to the police should I receive another unsolicited SMS.

12 Oct
Apparently UOB decided not to heed my advice on this matter to correct the phone number glitch, and I received yet another three SMSes reminding me to activate the credit cards I did not apply for, nor receive in my mailbox. Thus I went to the police station to settle this issue. The police officer told me that all I had to do was to give a call to let UOB know that I have lodged a police report, and that once they were informed, I could take up civil action against the Idiot.

And so, once I left the station, I made that call, and the customer service officer told me that I could send in my telephone bill to prove that this was my phone number so they could manually remove the phone number from the Idiot's particulars. Did I really have to go spend 1.5hrs at the police station before UOB could tell me that there was something they could do about it as long as I sent them a simple email?! Why could they not have given me such an option earlier when we spent so much time conversing over the phone over the past three weeks?

There are so many things I am angry about. I am angry that some people cannot even get their own phone numbers right. I am angry that some people do not check their emails. I am angry that I had to take such drastic measures as to go to the police station and threaten a civil case before they could offer me a solution as simple as sending an email with proof that the phone number belongs to me. But the real reason I am angry, is that a bank, an entity that holds so much confidential information, could be as irresponsible as to continue assigning my phone number to another person for two whole weeks even after I had alr proved that this number was mine. In a highly capitalistic society where money is the ultimate commodity, why is the bank risking my financial information and insisting on me sharing my phone number with someone else?