Final Dash Toward Finals

Finally. I can b r e a t h e.

I handed in the last assignment of the semester on the last day of the semester, and now I can catch my breath for the next few hours before I throw myself into finals mode tmr. It seems like I have not done much, but 13 weeks flew by just like that, and we even had a class party to celebrate. What we were celebrating though, is up for debate.

Even though the SC4101 class is supposed to be the entire cohort, the lecture hall was never as full as when we had our last lesson nor the class party. It just goes to show how many people actually bother to show up for this class. Even though I disliked SC1101 and SC2101 as well, at least I could see the point of it all, and I was learning something. I understand how SC4101 was trying to show us what we could do with a sociology degree, since we always complain about our employment prospects, but when all the presenters were our profs, it kind of killed the whole point, since half the class are not going to be academics. We are just going to graduate and get a 9-to-5 job in a bureau, and live mundanely ever after.

Outside of academics, Y4 has given me friends. For the first time, I get to have deep conversations with my classmates, beyond the hi-bye and courtesy small talk. Seminar classes are really much more conducive for both learning and building communities. At least now I have friends to take grad photos with (:

To celebrate the last day of class, clique had a mini dinner gathering. Me and Christine spent a good amount of time researching for food on the bus ride to JEM, but then all that hard work was thrown to the wind when we spotted a pizza through the window of Marché Mövenpick. We were all captivated. The act of looking for what to eat online was as useless as me walking to the front of the restaurant to look at the drinks menu when it was right in front of us ._. at least the dinner research was unfruitful to begin with.

After dinner, we took a walk for digestion purposes before heading to Paris Baguette for Royal Pudding dessert. The walk started at Sephora where amanda wanted to buy perfume. But then she had nose problems. She claimed that every other scent was the same as the first one she smelt T___T we asked her to clear her nose with the coffee beans but that did not work either. Obviously she could not buy perfume without being able to tell the difference between scents, so we went to Innisfree so amanda could buy nail polish.

The above narrative makes amanda sound like a spendthrift cos she is the only person with things to buy. But, we ended up spending $50 altogether anw just so we could get the free gift. I cannot decide now if me and Christine were the bigger spendthrifts as compared to amanda cos we were buying for the sake of buying, but amanda really did want the nail polish she bought. It kind of seemed as if we were after the free gift, and it was the free gift that was worth $50 while the stuff we bought were the free gifts ha.
But still! It was a good buy cos Jeju Volcanic Blackhead Out Balm! My face feels smoother today than it did ytd :D

Once I got home, I fell asleep, and then Singles Day happened. I spent $200 shopping on 淘宝 today. In my defense, these were the slow fashion / indie shops whose items cost up of ¥500 on a normal day. I could have spent only $50 buying about clothing of the ¥50-¥100 range that were going at ¥5-¥8 today, but I don't really trust China's low street fashion, so I could not take advantage of that.