First Day with Matter + What I watched Today

Since I have to do a reflections at the end of it all, it is an imperative that I religiously record all my twelve days working (volunteering?) with Matter.

Even though I know I should not be comparing this stint with my previous internship with Script, cos work there was truly an anomaly, it is human nature to compare and always want the better one. For one, Script had really short working hours. I report at 10am, and get to leave by 4pm or 5pm, and go for 1.5hr lunch breaks and frequent coffee breaks in between. Here, we commit the regular working hours. Secondly, even though the environment is pretty similar – an open concept workspace with everyone crowding around a small table, just how I like it – people hardly chatter. But there was the Monday morning huddle thing. And the product testing. Also, group lunchtime with awesome Korean food and cinnamon apple tea. Even though we had to walk far under the scorching hot sun. Now that I put it this way, it sounds pretty interactive to me. 

Also, a point that draws attention to comparison is the fact that my job scope is very similar; I write for online publication. Tina mostly liked my articles, so she always told me to go ahead and publish my first drafts. Devonne knew what she wanted and what the readers wanted, so she took the time to go through it with me and tell me how I should improve. As I read through the articles which styles she recommended, I came to understand how I am lacking. Honestly, it came across so clearly to me, that even I was stunned by the revelation. 

I wrote my first piece today with a great amount of critical distance from both my work and the audience. I attribute that to the occupational hazard of being a sociology student. But that is not how online articles should be written. The reader has to feel touched by the author; it is an imposition of values rather than a maintenance of objectivity. As someone who spends so much time surfing and reading blogs (albeit less time spent than watching dramas,) I wonder why I did not realise this sooner. It was only when I was forced to think about the writing styles so consciously that I finally figured it out.

What happened to my writing skills as the writer of this online space, then? Honestly, I have never thought of my little corner of the Internet as a blog, in the sense of wanting to gain a huge following and with an end goal of advocacy or branding. I write for me to remember how I have grown in terms of thought and experience (photo-taking skills being one of the exponential growths). It is my go-to reference when I am called upon to share about my life and experiences, like that time International Relations Office called me up to give a presentation on my exchange. It is also a platform for my close friends to catch up with my life. Thus my authorial voice sounds as if I am speaking to them in person. YS told me this once, that there is very little difference between how I speak / text and how I write, he can totally imagine me whining about my life to him as he reads the blog. I never thought that my unprofessional mannerisms I conduct myself with were transferable into a workplace setting where readership is the thing, so it never occurred to me that I could do it like that, but I guess now is the time.

Tmr will be a new day, new look for my article!


1N2D S3Ep152
The first drama episode I have watched this month, and of course it has to be my longtime favourite. I have been following 1N2D since its first season, so how could I miss an episode just cos I woke up early this morning and am feeling tired? This is my energy pill. Unfortunately, Kim Jongmin really is not performing on his Kim Jongmin Special. Seriously, what is wrong with the setup?! It is his special and yet nothing goes right for him; he failed the lunch mission and the dinner mission, and it looks like he is about to fail the sleeping mission too. It is like the Kim Jongmin Special was designed to make a joke out of the longest standing member of the show! D: but of course, I have to allow for the fact that he really is not the brightest bulb, that guy. Maybe the crew planned for him to win, but luck is not on their side.