Half week of Matter

Sunday. I got called up at 9am in the morning to an event in the aftnn, cos Devonne was suddenly unable to make it. I did not mind going, since I was going to hole up and watch drama anw. It was pretty good timing, since I would not have been able to make it if they had called me on Saturday. But it really was a sad event. Honestly, I thought it was the right crowd to be attracting. Unfortunately the crowd was few and far between. And they did not walk to our booth. Me and Shan spent more time staring at each other and at the other booths than we did actually talking to a customer, and we sold nothing. Actually I did not even talk to a customer; Shan did all the talking. I feel bad that I wasn't helpful /: But I guess going around sampling food was fun?

Monday. Huddle + I almost completed the list of things on the google docs. I wonder if I was supposed to complete it all last week, but no one rushed me so maybe I took too long x: also, thank you Apple for the gift of samples (:

Tuesday. Indian food for lunch was really good! And I got a free cookie with my coffee \(^_^)/ I'm really impressed by how they always bring me to eat good food. I haven't gotten the hang of the maze which is Chinatown, so I am glad that I do not have to lunch by myself. Otherwise, I would just be eating at the kopitiam downstairs all the time. The roads around Chinatown are so crazy, that the day I tried to take the blue line instead of the purple line, I ended up going on a walking tour around Chinatown looking for the office.

Wednesday. The morning started with all of us being cheated to arrive 30mins early at the warehouse for the stockcount, which is a very good plan, if you ask me. I was just shocked that the secret was so well-kept. I thought going to the warehouse would be like working in Courex office, but it turned out to be a much more pleasant environment cos of the air-conditioning and brightly coloured walls and furniture. Lunch of fish soup was awesome. Waiting for uber was not. In the evening we had a discussion about the team-bonding event on Friday. It sounds like it would be a whole lot of fun, but Paris will be even more fun XP The event I suggested was the passing on of postcards to strangers, which I took from one of the Stand Up for Singapore events. It wasn't selected anw.


Tues evening until Wed early aftnn I was feeling a little depressed. Sijia pointed out that I sounded weird over text during our Tuesday movie night. And yes, this movie was way better than last week's, except I have no idea what the title of the film is. I also told my private counselor Winson about it, and he started sending me philosophical questions about whether I am my brain or my heart until I got so irritated, that I just stopped feeling depressed. I guess that worked, but I really hate it when people ask me questions that I have no answer for, especially when I know that no matter the answer, it is going to screw with my brain. GRRR