Le Weekend

santa mascot walking around centrepoint

Honest question. I truly wonder about what people do with the postcards I send them. I send myself a postcard each time I am on vacation, and I always ask people to send me a postcard when they go overseas, but that is cos I collect postcards. I even have two albums especially for them. But for those who do not collect postcards, what do they do with those random pieces of cardstock they receive from me at least once a year? Even if they have just 3 postcards, it is still a number too miserable to actually want to buy an album for it, unless of course they foresee me sending them postcards over the next 20yrs. This is like how I sometimes wonder what Amanda does with the earrings I buy for her when she does not even have piercings.

As I prepare my list of addresses for my next trip, I begin to wonder if people actually find my sending them postcards burdensome. They feel bad to throw it away, but don't know what to do with it either. If anyone really feels that way, please do not hesitate to request being removed from my mailing list, I don't get offended! And those who want a postcard, let me know to add you in as well!


Dec 2, Friday
I wanted to stay home the day after the exams, to give myself a little break from life, which I did, except with two more people who spontaneously decided to come to my house the night before cos hj needed to make Christmas cards. Hj reasoned that my house would be a good place cos we would not have to spend any money. As it turns out, we spend more money lying on a couch than playing board games ._. but now we get to look forward to our anniversary getaway! :D

Dec 3, Saturday
I spent the entire aftnn shopping with my mommy. She was buying Christmas gifts for my cousins, and I was buying Christmas gifts for myself. As usual, my brain short-circuits every time I see pretty things, bypassing the entire questioning process (how much does it cost? will I use / wear it often? etc.) and jumps straight to the affirmative answer. That is how I ended up buying a pair of Ted Baker sneakers, even though Ted Baker is from London and I will be in London in the next two weeks ._. 

So here is the after-the-fact reasoning; my daddy does not like buying shoes while on vacation cos it takes up a lot of luggage space. He would rather pay a little more to get it in Singapore than to have to pack and lug it around a foreign country. In the event that I should really see another pair of sneakers from Ted Baker while in London, I can say that I have alr bought the one available in Singapore, but the one in London is not available in Singapore, so I should get it in London. Then, I pray really hard that Ted Baker in Singapore did not import it while I was away, otherwise I would be scolded for making untrue claims without first ascertaining the facts.

Dec 4, Sunday
I cleaned up my room really thoroughly. I washed the walls, the ceiling, and even took everything off the shelves to clean up where the dust collects but is never seen. I am really tired and sore right now, since I have not expended this much energy in such a long time, but I like the feeling of being in a bright and clean room. I will probably sleep really well tonight (:

I realised I have a lot of stuff which I would throw if we ever moved, but if I am not going anywhere at the moment, it is here to stay. I know it is a bad habit, and that things that should go, should go. But I really cannot bear to waste perfectly good things for no reason at all. So if I manage to find someone who needs things that I do not mind giving away (such as old school notes, novels or whatever), I will be generous about it from now on.