Week 1 of Internship + Afterhours

Absolutely stoked by my new internship. First and foremost, I need to announce that my job title is Content Intern. Content Intern. I have been looking up and down for an internship like this since last winter, I'm finally here! Although it happened at an unfortunate time, I will still do my very best during these 12 days!

So here's what happened that made me so excited; on my second day on the job, Devonne and Farisia brought me out to an atelier to learn about the production process of the Amado Gudek jewellery line, and then told me I was the one going to write the article o: I am so thankful for the trust they place in a newbie like me that they would even include me on the outing team, and I also apologise for being a burden not reading my email the night before >.< Previously at Script, I was only tasked to work on the social media aspect, posting on fb, twitter and the blog, writing copy from secondary sources sitting on an office chair, so I never thought that an intern would be assigned a project where I get to be part of the experience and dealing with other people. I really feel one step closer to my editorial dream (':

Day 3. I spent a good part of my day writing and rewriting the interview article, even though I had alr drafted the introduction the day before. I played it too safe in the first two drafts, so Devonne lured me to the bad side, and it was finally accepted on the third draft :D looking back between the first and final drafts, I can see how my views on editing an interview changed, and how the article has become more interesting cos of the interventions I was too worried to make at first.

The other things. I was given some reading material and tasked to respond to one question in an email interview regarding the company and its values. Idk how they even trusted me to do that, since I was three days on the job and knew nothing about how the company works, but it was a good opportunity to learn more about all the things I did not know, like where the textiles come from, and who Ren was.

Day 4 & 5. Just writing stuffs, and finding out about all the slow fashion the world has to offer. Also, getting in touch with my sgean roots while researching local architecture.


Tuesday. I watched a French art film with Sijia. Le Mépris was meant to be a film about the director's struggle between art and commercialisation. Unfortunately, the two of us did not get the film at all while it was playing and ended up having to google its deeper meanings. All French films should just be Le Renard et l'Enfant and I would gladly watch them all day every day (even though I still have some gripes about its ending, but it was a beautiful story with awe-inspiring cinematography nonetheless.)

Friday night. Me, hj and Amanda went to watch The Kumar Standup Comedy Show, which came with free flow alcohol courtesy of the bar the show was held in. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time, but I wonder how much of it was cos I found it funny, and how much was a coping mechanism for the uncomfortable topics (s)he was touching on. I am a citizen thoroughly interpellated by our government's ideologies, especially the one where we purposely shy away from discourse on race, religion, gender and sex rather than confronting our differences and agree to disagree. But really, isn't life much more fun letting go and being able to laugh at yourself? It is a reflection of being able to accept who I am, even if other people may not always be able to understand.

Saturday. It was an absolutely slow day, I don't even know what I did except to laze around and recover from Friday late nights. I watched The Liar and His Lover and L-DK (again, cos I forgot the plot.) Nothing else happened.