Batam 2017: 10 Years of Clique Weekend Getaway

When we left sg, we only had a pair of return trip tickets each, a booking for a hotel room, and a phone number for the water sports place we wanted to play at. We had no concrete plans whatsoever. We just knew that we had to do water sports, get a massage, eat seafood and go shopping. We managed to do all that, and go swimming and sauna as well even when we spent most of the time lying on the hotel bed :D sometimes having no plan is the best plan.

I asked Amanda and hj to gather at vivo at 6.40am for the 9.10am boat, cos the email told us to check-in at least 2hrs before departure. Apparently, the system automatically checked-in for us without our knowledge, so we only had to arrive 45mins to 1hr before the departure time. On hindsight, it really is kind of stupid to be at the jetty more than 2hrs early; it is even worse than going to the airport to take an airplane. But anw, they were late (as usual) and we took the extra time to have brekkie at macs. When I saw hj, I started laughing. She was carrying a 20L bag for an overnight trip. She said her dad even asked her to bring toilet paper. Me and Amanda only had our regular backpacks.

After the morning's hullabaloo, we finally got on the boat and napped all the way to Batam. Our hotel was connected to the ferry terminal by a link bridge, so we got there quickly and checked-in, and started lazing around the room. When we finally managed to drag ourselves out of the room, we went to Turi Beach Resort to play some water sports and have lunch at the resort's restaurant. The first thing I said upon arrival was why didn't we choose this resort instead?

We chose banana boat and jet ski, and omg that banana boat was the most underwhelming thing ever. I remember the last time I played banana boat with Wu Ai and jw in Taiwan, it was full of screams and adrenaline rushes. This one was just a cruise along the beach. But jet ski was fun. I shared the jet ski with hj, so we were screaming together and holding on to each other for our dear lives, but poor amanda was alone ):

We bumped into amanda's seniors once when at the water sports arena, and then once more when we were about to leave the resort after lazing on the beach for about an hour cos we were reluctant to leave the hammock and the pier which had a view of the Singapore skyline. The seniors introduced a spa centre to us, and even invited us to dinner, which we did not join them for. We decided to go back to our own hotel for a swim before heading out to seafood dinner. 

Dinner was the highly raved about Golden Prawn Seafood restaurant that was all over the web on blogs and on review sites. Unfortunately, we did not think it was anything great. The prawns were skinny, and the crabs were difficult to peel because the meat was stuck to the shell instead of sliding out nicely. But of course, it was cheap seafood, so no complains there. We got what we paid for. 

We went back to the room to play cards, which was hj's idea. She was the one who wanted to stay up late into the night, but it turned out that she was also the first to fall asleep T___T 

We woke up early and had breakfast in our hotel lobby. It really had a lot of variety, more than most international breakfast buffets I have seen, but I would not say any dish was exceptional or fantastic. They were not bad, but not that good either.

After lazing in the room for me and hj to take a 10min nap, we checked out of the hotel and went to Batam Centre for some shopping, and the only thing we bought was food which ermmm... I do not want to ever rmb those fish dumplings ever again. Oh, and bumping into amanda's seniors again. 

Then spa time. The spa centre that we finally went to was recommended by our driver, and which I would seriously recommend too. The person at the spa even asked us if we wanted to do a body scrub. And we were all like, nope, not with these sunburns. I took the 2hr massage while amanda and hj went for the 1hr one, and after hj was done I told her to take a nap on the massage table, cos that is what I normally do when waiting for my mom, but turns out the masseuse chased her into the waiting area haha. It was so embarrassing omg. 

Last stop was Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre, which our driver recommended as well, although it turned out to be exactly as amanda's seniors had described - like Far East Plaza. It was quite a turn off, so we just had lunch and picked up some cheap groceries (Colgate toothpaste for just $2) before heading to the jetty. We missed the check-in for the 7pm boat by 5mins, so we ended up on the 9.20pm boat. And then it was home sweet home.