Final Week of Final Vacation

My final winter vacation is coming to an end ): unless, of course, I decide to continue studying. This was probably the most packed school break I have had ever since I stepped into university. Or maybe my most packed vacation since forever, seeing how I went out every day less three days. 

The last week of internship passed by relatively uneventfully. Or maybe it is just that I have settled in and nothing seems to be news to me anymore. Except maybe for the snacks. Everyone came back from their holidays and the table was filled with goodies from all over the world o_o

I also found out how hard it is to write a marketing blurb. Writing articles are way easier. Articles are about writing stories, and with a story in hand, all I have to do is put it into words. Blurbs are like crafting something out of nothing, and I feel like I said the same thing a hundred times over, just using different vocabulary and different sentence structures. It's so airy I feel like maybe arts students have less talent in bullshitting than marketing students. So guys, stop saying arts students are full of crap and that we like to create stories out of nothing. Our stories do actually come from somewhere. 

I met my Shanghai exchange friends on Wednesday, and we updated each other on our holidays as well as our drama statuses. Jiahui saw the aurora; I am so jealous now T_T but I know I will see it someday because I will not stop trying! Dinner was 4Fingers. We were planning to go for desserts, but we sat around talking until 10pm, and there were no more dessert places opened. 

On Thursday, clique had our first outing of the year to celebrate Christmas + New Year + 10 Years of Knowing Each Other + Amanda and hj's bdays all-in-one. That is so typically us. We meet up a lot, but full attendance is very rare. Even ytd, jm was unable to join us ): So when it does actually happen once in a long while, we will need to do everything all at once. Dinner was Pasarbella at Suntec City. I have only been to that outlet once, and I do not recall it very well, but this time I realised that their food is pretty good! I think it is even better than the Turf City outlet. The poke bowl store is highly recommended, and the burger too.

As usual, birthdays had surprise cakes involved. I wonder why we have not tired of it. I told Christine I did not want to buy an Awfully Chocolate cake cos we eat that all the time, regardless bday or not. So we ended up going with Cedele. I picked up the carrot cake and the chocolate matcha cake. As usual, Cedele's carrot cake never disappoints.

UOB did something to piss me off so badly again this week. They told me that the previous problem had been solved over the phone, so I told them not to just talk but to send me a letter in black-and-white so I can hold them accountable if it happens again. Today the letter arrived with the heading "SMS Withdrawal Notification." Are you kidding me? Did they even understand the request? I did not ask for them to stop sending me SMS notifications meant for the other person, I asked them to remove my telephone number from the other person's account so that I stop receiving his SMSes AND phone calls and in the case of possible future events, his credit card bill. I want a confirmation that my phone number belongs to me and me only, not a simple unchecking of the box that says "I allow UOB to send SMSes to my phone number" for that idiot's account. 

Right now I highly suspect that them telling me the problem was solved was all a lie. Anyway, talk is cheap right? Then when I asked for a hardcopy letter they obviously could not carry on with the lie so they came up with some half-assed solution to my problem instead. The SMSes I received are only a manifestation of the problem, not the root of it. Did no one teach them that we should get to the root of the problem and not just cure the symptoms?