Iceland 2016

Because most people who gave me travel advice told me that they mostly cooked in Iceland and the only person who talked about eating out was hj who kept going on about eating sausages all the time, I was under the impression that food in Iceland was few and far between, and that if you did not want to eat sausages all day every day you would have to cook. But nope, we managed to find a new restaurant to eat at every single meal ^_^ and there was a great variety too. Is it not a little sad to be eating in when Iceland has so much good food to offer? I would even claim that their bread and pastries are on par with the French. And they know how to cook the langoustine lobster in a million different ways; we had langoustine pizza, langoustine soup, langoustine pasta, langoustine sandwich, langoustine whatever. And they are super generous with the portions too ♥ also, I want to order a carton of the Northern Lights Wild Berries juice to be shipped to sg for the CNY party cos it is so good. I had it for one meal and missed it so much after that. But I think if it arrives in time for CNY I will be loath to share it.

On the other hand, the catching of auroras was a pretty unfortunate case, since it was snowing most nights, and the only time I got to see it it was far out into the horizon >.< but Iceland was still pretty nonetheless. The lagoons, the glaciers, the ice cave, the beaches, the waterfalls, the geysers; it was like standing in a picture, except I was really there o: