Miss in Kiss 恶作剧之吻

Anyone who knows me probably alr knows that on top of being a drama addict I am actually an obsessive fan of the Ita Kiss franchise. I have read the manga and watched the anime. I also watch all the drama adaptations at least once a year. Well, all except for the Thai version, since I never thought of it as part of the Ita Kiss franchise, cos that is like saying Good Morning Call or L-DK is also Ita Kiss. Just cos it has a few similar elements does not make it the same thing. In fact, the Thai version came across to me as a fanfic come alive instead – a reimagination of Naoki's story rather than a focus on Kotoko. Also, I am saving the movie version for next year when the whole series is out, so that I do not have to wait in agony like I am now for the 2016 Taiwanese version.

Ita Kiss always has a way to elevate the status of its actors in my book, and now it is once again working its magic with 李玉璽. It is not that I have never heard of him, in fact I watched him in 我的少女时代 and I knew he was part of the group that sang the theme song for 小时代, but all I thought of him was a cute guy who could sing and act pretty well. I would not think of purposely following his works or anything. But with his participation in 恶吻 he is now bf-material level. He is also my current ringtone. This just goes to show that my brain stops working the moment something is connected with Ita Kiss.

Another case in point. Alr from the second or third episode, I could tell that there were flaws in the acting, the directing and the editing, but all these are forgivable and can be overlooked just cos it is Ita Kiss. I will never give up on it halfway like I did with Moon Lovers: Ryeo or Diamond Lovers 钻石恋人 or Entourage or Moonlight Drawn by Clouds or Ode to Joy 欢乐颂. This drama probably made my year.

Btw, Japan and Taiwan have two Ita Kiss remakes each alr. When is the next Korean one coming?