New Year, New Social Media Plans

This is a sequel to the good advice I have been receiving over the CNY holidays. I am really glad that I managed to spark all these conversations with a simple Happy CNY! How have you been lately? (: it is really nice to know that there are so many people who care for me and root for me silently, even though I can only know about their love belatedly. Don't just be a background supporter, let me know we're still friends even if we don't talk. I love you all too ♥!

Jas gave me some advice on how I should use my Instagram account to pursue my editorial dream. She said that although my photos are not of a professional level, it isn't too shabby either, so I should make full use of it.

Tag brands that I wear
Since I wear brand name clothing most of the time, she told me to tag all the brands that appear when I post pictures of me on my feed so that fashion editors might take notice. She says I will never know when a fashion editor switches over to a lifestyle magazine and becomes my interviewer one day. The editor might add brownie points when she remembered that I matched this brand's top and that brand's pants in an interesting way. And also for not restricting my clothes only to brands available in sg.

So I went back to tag my clothes since 初一. I could have gone even further back, but unfortunately I can't actually remember which brands my clothes came from, so I decided I will tag it as and when I post a photo with me in it instead. For the 初一 and 初三 photos, I picked up the clothes from the washer to check the label :P

Tag the official Instagram accounts of the restaurants and places I visit
She said my location tags weren't enough. But my location tags were never for the purpose of promoting my account, it was for me to remember the names of the restaurants I have eaten at. Otherwise I always end up telling people I can't remember the name of the restaurant after raving all about it /: ask Christine, she is always at the receiving end of my anti-climatic stories haha.

This one I will not do. I understand how the above two might be helpful, but I think hashtags are too open and it is more likely than not to draw the wrong crowd. Even though I leave most my social media accounts fairly open (friends of friends on fb, public account on Instagram) I am not trying to draw unwanted attention to myself. I am just being helpful to those people who want to stalk me but I did not add them as friends cos they don't want to add me first. And also because I believe nothing on the Internet is private no matter how hard I may try to delude myself that it is, so I just embrace the public.

Back to work now cos I decided to take cny off, and now I'm backlogged >.<