Onwards to CNY

There are so many thoughts running through my mind right now, but I don't think I have the time to actually put ideas into words, because articulation really takes a great deal of time. So pardon me for the mess that will be this post, it is not a time for me to arrange my thoughts. I would rather just pen them down to get it out of my head first, and come back to sort them out when I can deal with it.

Recently, I have been so tired out by this whole studying thing. It is really draining, and I think once I figured out what I wanted to do with my life, studying became a chore that I have to go through, because it seemingly does not add value to what I really want. I say seemingly, because no matter what I do, I know it will enrich part of me, even if just subconsciously. The results may not be direct, but I obviously know how far the study of sociology has brought me these four years. It has changed the way I see the world, it has taught me patience, it has drilled in the idea for me that first impressions really do not count, it has provided me with friends who understand what I want to say and the change I want to be. It is down to the last 10 weeks now; I can do this.

The last three weeks since school started has been really trying, what with a reflective essay due in Week 2, and a presentation in Week 3. And then I was thrown into the deep end when I was given four days past the due date to rewrite my entire essay. Why does this have to happen right before CNY, generally the busiest time of my year T_T I am alr trying so hard to squeeze out time to do everything, and this. Right after the presentation ytd, I felt like I put in enough effort for Week 3 alr, but nope, Week 3 has only just begun.

Besides all my complaints about the pain that is Week 3, I guess the first 2 weeks were not too bad. I had drinks with Jess, and tyf with Blue 2 and clique. Clique tyf was the most interesting, cos we visited the flying somen place, which had absolutely good food. The flying noodles gimmick was just the (photogenic) cherry on top. But now that I have been there, I feel a need to go back again for that flaming salmon sushi we never got to try (cos we ordered the wrong sushi.)

I am so behind with my schedule that I cannot find time to make lemonade now, I can only eat my lemons raw ._. no matter what, lemons do not kill. So I shall survive.