Getting Myself Together

Last sem I thought I was in a slump, but I guess that was just the tip of the iceberg. This time round I really think I hit the slump, and I hit it hard. My whole life is a mess right now, I have not been doing any real work for over a week; I have not met my friends to hang out over lunch or dinner in the past week; and I have not been on any form of social media (including instagram :o) in the last five days. All I did was watch drama and read novels while rolling on my bed. 

When I finally decided to get my act together this morning, I started by checking my emails. I usually check my emails once a day in the mornings, take note of whatever that needs to be followed up, and then repeat the next morning. Each day I get about 20 to 30 emails, so it piled up to 150+ emails today due to my negligence. Because I did not want to read them all, I deleted most of the promotional material and eDMs, so if I missed any good deals during this period or cannot understand the fashion that is coming to NYFW summer collection, this is probably why. Then I made a list of the things I would do over the next 5 weeks, to last me at least until the end of the exams. I hope I stick to it, because while I am pushing myself real hard to be doing stuff, I have not really gotten out of my slump and I am sorely lacking in productivity and efficiency right now. My list for today is still half done even though the amount of stuff I put in for today should be doable.


Since I have read so many novels in the past month, and especially over the past week, here is a list of the better few which I liked:

I started reading this after Season 1 of the drama ended and I could not wait for Season 2 to find out the ending, especially because of the delay in broadcast. However, the novel and the drama are really two different stories with same character names. Or maybe I should say, only the lead characters have the same names, all the other characters are different. Even the characterisation of the lead personalities are not exactly similar. Really, the drama is the drama, and the novel is the novel, and they should not be compared because this is not a case of similar adaptation unlike 微微一笑很倾城, which drama followed the novel to a T.

I just wish my future husband would host our wedding on board a cruise ship. sighz.


I like this one because the separation story did not start with nor end up in betrayal, and it ended so quickly that there was nothing to agonise over. I hate it when novels spend too much time keeping the lovers apart, so this one catered very much to my tastes. 

错嫁惊婚:总裁请克制 / 最强宠婚:老公在上我在下
I put these two novels together because they are part of the same series and run in chronological order. The main characters' children in 错嫁惊婚 grow up to become the main characters in 最强宠婚. Even though they are two separate stories, it may not be that easy to understand the familial relationships in 最强宠婚 without having first read 错嫁惊婚 , although it is not really impt to understand the family tree to understand the story. The main point is that I need to find a husband whose family name is 龙. Unfortunately, the only person I know with that name is alr taken.