Unofficially Graduated

Technically I have not been to school for at least the last mth, but I guess I get to say school's out! together with everyone else?

I went out to celebrate with jas and nic, and I finally got to intro them to each other! I have been trying to intro them since one year ago. We had a group chat last year to discuss nic's trip to Seoul, but they have never actually met each other until Monday. I am so glad they clicked and there were no awkz moments.

Since I was paying for lunch I wanted to bring them to a nice restaurant, so I went through the list of Michelin-starred restaurants as well as some other fine dining restaurants in Singapore. Unfortunately, they were either closed on Mondays or reservations were closed by Sunday (which was when I tried to book.) sighz, I was so in love with the picture of the Hokkaido scallop of one of the restaurants in Botanic Gardens ): in the end I found Portico Prime, which still had available seats for Monday :D! When we got there we finally understood why; besides us, there was only one other table filled /:

The desserts platter omg ♥ I was looking through their Instagram the day before, and there was a flood of brunch and pancakes and fish pie, but those were for the weekend menu, so I was a little disappointed, but I loved the grilled portobello mushrooms with cauliflower and parmesan cheese nonetheless. I really should not be recalling all these good foods at 11pm in the evening, it's making me hungry again, even though I just had dinner ._.

I think I have relaxed enough for the last month, so starting next week, I will be working hard with resumés and interviews! My schedule is packed until Sept now, so I hope I find work for Oct before I don't even have the time to be writing emails >.<