ICC Singapore: FC Bayern vs FC Internazionale

When hj asked the clique if we wanted to watch Bayern Munich play soccer,
Me: Play against team sg got kick meh?
Amanda: Don't need to watch la, I also can tell you who will lose.
But when we found out that they were up against Intermilan, we decided to go. The only problem was that whether Bayern Munich was up against Team SG or Intermilan, both also no kick. This is the first time I watched a soccer game in sg, and I was really disappointed since I was expecting a game where people roared and cheered together like those overseas.The stadium was only half-filled, and the atmosphere was so dead save for two small clusters where the official fan clubs sat (and also hj, who kept singing the FCB song) ._. we actually bought seats on the side meant for cheering Intermilan on, but we ended up switching seats to the Bayern side during halftime since there were no one sitting on those seats to stop us anw.

Singaporeans need to appreciate sports more. This is probably not the first time we have disappointed both the players and the tourists who came down just to watch the game. I feel embarrassed for us, especially since the govt has been trying to promote sports tourism through hosting YOG, and other games or sporting events such as this one.