Japan 2017: Clique Graduation Trip

Osaka • Kobe • Kyoto • Iga • Tokyo • Kamakura • Yokohama • Chiba

Our grad trip is also the first time clique has travelled overseas altogether :D there have been times when we were all overseas at the same time, but in different countries, and there have also been times where we have travelled in twos or threes. The most successful trip was actually Genting, where only Christine had been left out. But honestly, there were only two days in the entire trip where all five of us were together. Because our planning totally fail ._. 

Regardless, it was super fulfilling, because I managed to travel 8 cities in the 12 days I was there. (I will not speak for the rest, since we were all in Japan for a different number of days heh.) And it was wonderful having jm be our tour guide and translator, otherwise we would never have known to go to Iga the Ninja Town or Kamakura Beach, where the seafood was super fresh and super awesome. 


Photobucket decided to drop me a bomb while I was happily exploring Japan, letting me know that I have to pay a whooping US$400 a year to keep my photos posted on Blogger?! I have been trying out different photo hosting sites these couple of days, and I finally found a good one, but it doesn't allow me to customise the URLs of my photos, though I guess that's that. I will slowly reupload all the photos of the older posts, which I alr got tired of just getting the sidebar up again. sighz.